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Products & Services

Furnace linings

We offer lining products for:

  • Blast furnaces

  • Electric smelting furnaces.  

    • Freeze lining 

    • Traditional insolation lining

Lining products

Our lining products include:

  • Micropore and super micropore blocks and bricks

  • Graphite blocks, bricks and tiles

  • Semi-graphitized blocks and bricks

  • Taphole and tuyere blocks and bricks

  • Ramming paste and mortars (export availability may vary based on regulations)

Lining research and design

We provide lining design and solutions that's unique to your furnace and your production mission. 

Lining construction and repair

We have installation crew to construct the lining or provide technical guidance onsite.  We also are able to assist you with any lining repair work and furnace startup.

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